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Corporate Team Building Ideas in Australia Reading General

Corporate Team Building Ideas in Australia IELTS Reading General

Reading Passage 2


Read the text below and answer Questions 19-24.

For Australian employers looking to get the maximum impact out of team building activities, an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the team should be carried out. The results should inform the kind of activity that you choose to do. It is also important that you ensure that any activity you do is designed in a way that does not induce conflict and actually encourages positive communication. This can be a difficult balance to achieve but we’ve come up with some ideas around Australia to help you out.

A. Discover Sydney’s Chinatown

Take the team to Chinatown in Sydney! There are plenty of excellent restaurants around the area, and when it comes to food, you really are spoilt for choice. Through tour of Chinatown, your team will be exposed to the mouth-watering delicacies, while also learning the history of the neighborhood. Plus, revenue will be invested in providing training, employment opportunities, and empowerment to the disadvantaged, including refugees and the youth!

Here, you can put together a treasure hunt which explores the Chinese culture you learned about on the tour. You could even organize an event in one of the many Chinese restaurants and have your team work together to throw a banquet which they can then enjoy together, with family, or for the benefit of a cause you support further building on those connections.

B. Broken Hill

Broken Hill is becoming one of the most popular spots for team-building exercises in the country. This outback city in New South Wales is the perfect location for your event, thanks to its lakes and public parks, as well as its historic buildings. You can take the team hiking on the Heritage Trail or even try an outback adventure tour! Broken Hill has everything you need to get your team to enjoy the great outdoors. There’s also a lively culture in the city, with lots of great restaurants and cafes to sample as well as plenty of accommodations to choose from.

C. Kangaroo Island

If you are looking to give your team a treat, then whisk them away for a weekend retreat to the paradise of Kangaroo Island. With pristine white sands and an abundance of wildlife to enjoy, it makes for an idyllic getaway. It also makes for a great road trip (and if you’re not a local, be sure you know how to drive on the la side in Australia). If you have a physically fit team, you can even have them take on the Kangaroo Island Eco-Challenge, which sees teams swimming, kayaking, cycling, running and sandboarding around the island’s coastline.

D. Get creative!

If you are looking to build creativity within your team, there are organizations and opportunities throughout Australia that can place your team in a creative mindset. You could, for instance, set them to work making their own commercial advertisement for your business. This is great for bonding and can help to reinforce company values and understanding of what makes your brand amazing. Alternately, you could do something out-of-the-box, such turn your team into a dance flash mob. They will enjoy learning choreography, and the performance could even turn viral!

E. Uluru

If you are really looking to push your team’s limits, the Survivors Challenge in Uluru could be just the thing you need. This is a great way to support bonding within a team as they spend a couple of days camping together in the wilderness. They’ll really experience adventure as they travel together on off-road vehicles, a ride a hot air balloon, and cook meals together under the stars. All this, with the spectacular views wherever they go.

Questions 19- 24
The text has a group of team activities which helps to develop employee relationships.

Which statements matches the activities given in the sections A, B, C, D or E.
Write your answers in boxes 19-24 on your answer sheet.

NB: You can use one letter more than once

19. This activity requires you to go at a remote location in the districts of Australia.
20. The location of this place is in its original condition.
21. You can do a range of water sports here.
22. This location involves a fun activity to find out hidden objects.
23. This location would allow you to enjoy motor vehicle ride over a rough terrain.
24. This activity can involve unusual tricks to boost the Spirits of employees.

Questions 25-30
Read the text below and answer Questions 25-30.


For many people, there is only one reason to go to an amusement park: the Roller Coaster. Some people call it the “scream machine,” with good reason. The history of this ride reflects a constant search for greater and more death-defying thrills.

What you may not realize as you’re cruising down the track at 60 miles an hour is that the coaster has no engine. The car is pulled to the top of the first hill at the beginning of the ride, but after that the coaster must complete the ride on its own. You aren’t being propelled around the track by a motor or pulled by a hitch. The conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy is what drives the Roller Coaster, and all of the kinetic energy you need for the ride is present once the coaster descends the first hill.

Once you’re underway, different types of wheels help keep the ride smooth. Running wheels guide the coaster on the track. Friction wheels control lateral motion (movement to either side of the track). A final set of wheels keeps the coaster on the track even if it’s inverted. Compressed air brakes stop the car as the ride ends.

Roller Coasters can be wooden or steel, and can be looping or non-looping. You’ll notice a big difference in the ride depending on the type of material used. In general, wooden coasters are non-looping. They’re also not as tall and not as fast, and they don’t feature very steep hills or as long a track as steel ones do. Wooden coasters do offer one advantage over steel coasters, assuming you’re looking for palm-sweating thrills: they sway a lot more. Tubular steel coasters allow more looping, higher and steeper hills, greater drops and rolls, and faster speeds.

Questions 25-28
The previous reading passage has four paragraphs A-D.
Write the correct heading from the options I – VIII on your answer sheet.
Write your answers in boxes 25-28 on your answer sheets.

25. Paragraph A
26. Paragraph B
27. Paragraph C
28. Paragraph D

List of Headings

I. The changes in the energy
II. The increasing presence of the scream machine
III. The difference of substance used
IV. Design a roller coaster
V. The loops of the track
VI. How does the roller coaster work?
VII. What makes the roller coaster popular?
VIII. The advantages of Roller Coaster

Questions 29 & 30
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

29. What type of energy drives the roller coaster?
30. What set of wheels prevents the roller coaster to fall sideways?

Corporate Team Building Ideas in Australia IELTS Reading Answers

19. B

20. C

21. C

22. A

23. E

24. D

25. VII

26. VI

27. IV

28. III



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