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Australia Bus Service IELTS Reading Academic

Australia Bus Service IELTS Reading Academic Passage

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Australia’s extensive bus network is a reliable way to get around, though bus travel isn’t always cheaper than flying and it can be tedious over huge distances. Most buses are equipped with air-con, toilets and videos: all are smoke-free and some have There are no class divisions on Australian buses (very democratic), and the vehicles of the different companies all look similar. Small towns eschew formal bus terminals for a single drop-off/pick-up point (it will be the post office, newsagent or corner shop).

Greyhound Australia runs a national network (notably not across the Nullarbor Plain between Adelaide and Perth, nor Perth to Broome). Book online for the cheapest fares.

Firefly Express Runs between Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Integrity Coach Lines The main operator between Perth and Broome in WA.

Backpacker Buses: Backpacker-style and more formal bus tours offer a convenient way to get from A to B and see the sights on the way. Following are some multistate operators; there are also smaller companies operating within individual states and territories.

AAT Kings Big coach company (popular with the older set) with myriad tours all around Australia.

Adventure Tours Australia Affordable, young-at-heart tours in all states.

Autopia Tours One- to three-day trips from Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

Groovy Grape Tours Small-group, SA-based operator running one-day to one-week tours a-Adelaide, Melbourne and Alice Springs.

Nullarbor Traveller Small Company running relaxed minibus trips across the Nullarbor Plain between South Australia and Western Australia.

Oz Experience Backpacker tour covering central, northern and eastern Australia in a U-shaped route — Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin — utilizing Greyhound bus services.

Bus Passes

If you’re planning on doing a lot of travel in Australia, a Greyhound Australia bus pass will save you money. Bus-pass discounts of 10% apply to YHA- and student-card holders and children under 12. For a full list of passes, check out the website.

Questions 1–10
The text has ten bus routes A-J.
Which bus routes contain the following information?
Write your answers in boxes 1-10 on your answer sheet.

1. This network connects only four cities of Australia.
2. This network can help you transport you from one destination to another destination of your choice.
3. This transit can include many trips that can help you see all Australian cities.
4. These transit can help you to explore Australia at low cost.
5. This itinerary can have a maximum of 3 days.
6. The journey would involve using the basis of another transit service.
7. This company is a small firm.
8. The maximum trip is 7 days.
9. Website bookings can be the cheapest.
10. This is the most common service in Western Australia (WA).

Read the text below and answer Questions 11-15.


For many states in Australia (NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT) it’s mandatory to have a Food Safety Supervisor nominated among the staff in food industry. This supervisor must have the proper training and certificates and must be registered before they can work in this position. You can either have one of your current employees trained to become a Food Safety Supervisor or you can hire an outside contractor depending on your own preference.

A Food Safety Supervisor must attend training delivered online or in a classroom through a Registered Training Organization (RIO). The training must be specific to their food industry sector and state or territory. The food industry sectors arc retail, hospitality, food processing, transport and distribution, and health and community. However, New South Wales only recognizes the retail and hospitality food industry sectors, and only certain providers are registered to offer Food Safety Supervisor training in the state.

When you begin searching for your Food Safety Supervisor, a few things to consider are:

They should have proper training and certification.

They should understand their responsibilities to the business.

They should be willing and able to supervise your employees on food safety and personal hygiene.

They should be prepared to handle any noncompliance or negligence issues that arise. You absolutely can’t run your food business without a Food Safety Supervisor on staff. You aren’t required to have more than one, but if you’re open for long hours, then it may be a good idea to have more than one so that you can meet the requirement of having a Food Safety Supervisor contactable at all times.

This employee will be responsible for ensuring that all food safety codes are followed in the day-to-day operation of your business. They may have to address problems and work to properly train your employees. That means you need to leave this responsibility in the hands of someone you feel that you can trust.

But, do keep in mind that not all of the food safety responsibility falls to your Food Safety Supervisor. Your staff needs to be well-trained in food safety too. Some businesses choose to put their staff through a nationally recognized Food Handler course to meet this requirement.

Questions 11-15
Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for your answer.

11. The elected employee who would serve the position of supervisor should have proper __________ and credentials.
12. The training given to a potential food supervisor has to be completed __________ or through traditional class methods.
13. Apart from the territory of __________ all the other states recognize and give training to many Food Industry sectors.
14. Apart, from securing the quality of the food, supervisors would require to administer the __________ .
15. The work of food administrator would require timely trainings of employees along with management of food resources thus being a job of greater liability it should be allotted to a person who can be __________ .

Australia Bus Service IELTS Reading Answers

1. B

2. D

3. E

4. F

5. G

6. J

7. I

8. H

9. A

10. C






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