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What To Wear When Visiting Australia IELTS Reading

What To Wear When Visiting Australia IELTS Reading Academic

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What To Wear When Visiting Australia

When you visit Australia, you may be headed for the beach or go on a trek to the Australian Outback. For those destinations you’ll need activity-specific gear. I But in the towns and cities, casual wear is generally the way to go when you’re visiting Australia. If you are a backpacker, consider changing to cleaner, nicer clothing for the city.

You can go to the opera in jeans and no one will give you a second look, but this doesn’t mean that everyone else will be wearing jeans, too.

Some activities in Australia inspire people to dress up. In general, Sydney is a little dressier than other cities in Australia. If you are going out for a night in the town, here’s the opportunity for women to wear those high heels.

Formal Wear in Australia No one needs a tuxedo or a long, formal gown in Australia unless it’s a really special occasion. And, a jacket and tie are not de rigueur for semi-formal occasions. The rule of thumb is: be comfortable with your choice of clothing for a particular occasion.

In most cases, jeans can be your wardrobe staple—you can dress them up or down depending on where you’re going. You might want to pack some non-denim casual wear if you plan on visiting city restaurants, but you can leave most of the dressy clothes at home.

Some Dress Restrictions That said, a few places have dress restrictions. Some clubs, such as Returned Services League clubs (RSL) and sporting clubs, have dress codes for general entry.

Questions 1-9
Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for your answer.

1. Areas in Australian Outback would require _________
2. It is good to wear _________ when visiting Urban and sub Urban Development in Australia.
3. However most of the people would not wear ………… to the Opera, it is good to wear them.
4. Out of the other territories and towns, ………… is a little sophisticated in its dressing styles.
5. Generally females can avail the opportunity to wear their favourite _________
6. On a very special occasion _________ can be worn by women.
7. A principle of practice is that any person can wear anything if it is _________
8. The famous preference in Australia for a typical wardrobe is _________
9. If one is planning going to an eating joint he may wear _________

Read the text below and answer Questions 10-15.


Food Tank is highlighting 6 young foods and firming entrepreneurs who have transformed their love for food, farming, and sustainability into tools to build a stronger and more equitable food system.

Jamila Abass is CEO and co-founder of M-Farm, a virtual co-operative for subsistence farmers in Kenya to help them reach buyers and access vital market information via SMS. Through M-Farm, farmers in the same areas can share their experiences and advice, pose questions to industry experts, and connect with each other to combine crops and find larger buyers. Abass was elected for the 2013 Ashoka Fellowship, 2015 Aspen New Voices Fellow, and as Quartz Africa Innovator.

Onyeka Akumah is founder of FarmCrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform that connects small-scale farmers with sponsors who invest in the full farm cycle Sponsors’ funds are used to secure farmland and insure farmers and their produce from seed through to harvest. Once the crops are sold at market, profit is split between the fanner, farm sponsors, and FarmCrowdy. Sponsors can receive updates throughout the farming process via text, pictures, and video. The company has more than 1,000 sponsors across Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom that support more than 2,000 small-scale farmers across eight states in Nigeria.

Fourth-generation farmer Alli Cecchini is the founder and Executive Director of First Generation Farmers (FGF). Providing after-school programs, summer camps, farm tours, and Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) placements, FGF draws hundreds of people to their farm in California each year. FGF also run their Urban Edge Sustainable Fanning Program, an immersive, full-time residential program for aspiring organic specialty crop farmers. The program provides training in foundational production skills, business knowledge, and personal development to establish the next generation of resilient urban farmers and farm enterprises.

Electrical and computer engineering graduate student, Alfredo Costilla Reyes, is the founder of BitGrange, a hydroponic system that can be sustained using only an LED light. Using novel software, BitGrange evaluates environmental variables, such as temperature and light, in real time and notifies growers through BitGrange’s iPhone app to take necessary actions, such as adding more water or plant food. Through its four-step process of “Plant-Connect-Sync-Play”, BitGrange aims to gamily agriculture for its users, encouraging and engaging youth to participate in agriculture. In recognition of his development, Costilla Reyes was awarded the Mexico National Youth Award, the highest award presented by the Government of Mexico to the country’s youth.

Luke Craven is a co-founder of BiJimini, an award-winning start-up that farms crickets and produces a high-protein cricket blended flour, Power Flour. Power Flour combines organic white and whole meal flours sourced from local millers with finely milled cricket powder. The flour is rich in vitamins and minerals and is an alternative to traditional forms of animal protein. Cricket farming emits fewer greenhouse gases, requires less space, and less feed than conventional livestock. BiJimini aims to promote its flour product and pure cricket powder to consumers searching for a sustainable source of protein.

Matt Fountain is the founder of Freedom Bakery, a social enterprise and artisan bakery aimed at reducing the reoffending rate in Scotland through providing on-the-job baking training for prisoners and ex-offenders. Through an apprenticeship program, graduates attain an industry-recognized qualification to help increase employability and decrease the risk of reoffending. For some of its products, the bakery sources ancient grains indigenous to the Scottish highlands and utilizes Scottish artisan baking techniques. Freedom Bakery is the first social enterprise to establish itself within a prison in Scotland and is now expanding outside of prison to open a second bakery, Freedom 2.

A farmer first and foremost, Josh Gilbert is also an advocate and change maker in Australian Indigenous, agricultural, and environmental fields. Gilbert creates a range of campaigning and educational materials, including Climate Reality Project video ‘Australia’s Young Green Farmers’, podcast Tractor Talks, and upcoming cookbook collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund showcasing the stories of 50 Australian fanners. As the Chair of the New South Wales Young Farmers’ Council, he moved one of the first international agricultural climate change motions in 2016. For his advocacy, he has been recognized as the Australian Geographic Young Conservationist of the Year and the Foundation for Young Australians’ Local Legend Award.

Questions 10-15
The text has ten explanations A – G.
Which entrepreneur achievement details the following information? Write the correct letter A-G, in boxes 10-15 on your answer sheet.

NB: You may use any letter more than once

10. This entrepreneur has developed his own application to expand sustainable agriculture.
11. This entrepreneur used insects to produce high nutrient intake.
12. This entrepreneur is common in the media for his videos and book.
13. This entrepreneur helped his countries farmers to reach their potential purchasers.
14. This entrepreneur has been able to produce special crops through his educational farming program.
15. This entrepreneur brought International help to promote farming in his country.

What To Wear When Visiting Australia IELTS Reading Answers










10. D

11. E

12. G

13. A

14. C

15. B

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