5 Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

Plagiarism is a great concern in the world of academia. Students have to make sure that their assignments are unique and plagiarism-free. That is because plagiarism is not only considered an ethical immorality but also a legal crime. 

Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

If you do not pay attention to plagiarism while writing your assignments, you can get yourself in serious trouble. To avoid these mishappenings, we’re here to provide you with 5 of the most important tips you can acquire to make your written assignments plagiarism-free. 

Before we delve into discussing these tips, we must understand what plagiarism is and why it’s important to remove it.

What is plagiarism and why it is important to remove it? 

Plagiarism is copying someone’s published content without giving them proper credit. In academia, students have to gather information from many sources while writing assignments.

During this process, they tend to copy the content as it is and paste it into their assignments.

Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

Although studying other people’s work is an essential part of academia, there are proper guidelines about how to do it. Sometimes students commit plagiarism accidentally. That could be because of the tone/writing style resemblance to the original source.

Whatever the reason is, plagiarism is forbidden in academia.

If your writings are plagiarized, chances are you will face one of the following consequences:

  • Losing reputation as a student
  • Getting low grades
  • Getting expelled from your institution.
  • Getting fined
  • Being imprisoned (if the case is severe.)

To avoid these consequences, it is necessary that you make your assignments plagiarism-free. To do so, simply follow the following tips.

Tip – 1: Write on Your Own:

This is one of the fundamental precautions that you have to take in order to make your assignments plagiarism free. Whatever the topic you have given, write it on your own. Use your own wording and knowledge to demonstrate your points of view.

Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

Although this tip is more effective for general topics. 

This tip can also be applied if the topic is more complex, and you find a need to get new information from different sources. But you have to make sure that you write in your own wording instead of simply copying the content from the original source.

Tip – 2: Properly Paraphrase Your Assignments:

Paraphrasing is a technique that not only enhances the quality of your content but also saves it from getting plagiarized. Here’s how it happens:

In paraphrasing, the structure and wording of the original content are completely changed in the rewriting process while keeping the real concept intact.

Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

Make sure to paraphrase your content properly so that it does not resemble the original writing. Even if you haven’t copied anything from anywhere, rewriting your content can be helpful to remove accidental plagiarism

If you find it hard to paraphrase a huge amount of written content in your assignment, you can take the help of online tools, known as plagiarism removers. These tools restructure the wording and structure of your content to make it unique and remove plagiarism from it. 

Tip – 3: Properly Cite Your Sources:

Citing your sources is one of the most authentic and effective ways to remove plagiarism from your assignments. Citing your source means providing the name of the author and where you found the content from. It can be a book, a journal, a newspaper, a research paper, or a blog. 

Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

Although you have to be careful while citing your content. The procedure varies according to the style of your writing. 

There are various writing styles that academic institutions follow. Make sure to know the style you are writing your assignment in to provide proper citations.

These are the most commonly used writing styles:

  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • CMS (Chicago Manual of Style)

Tip – 4: Use Quotations:

Using quotations in your assignments is also an effective way to remove plagiarism. Quotation means enclosing the exact wording of the original source in quotation marks.

Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

This indicates that the words being used are not yours and you have taken them from some other source. 

The name of the source/author is to be added along with the quotation marks. This ensures the credibility of your assignment and makes a good impression on the readers. 

The method of quoting specific information also varies according to the requirements. A few of the examples are given below:

  • According to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
  • Albert Einstein explains the importance of imagination: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Albert Einstein

You can quote the information in the way that suits you the most.

Tip – 5: Use Plagiarism Detection Tools:

Plagiarism is not something that you can determine manually. You have to take the help of technology to do so. There are many plagiarism-checking tools available online that can help you with this.

Tips To Remove Plagiarism From Your Written Assignments

These tools are very useful for people facing accidental plagiarism. Without these tools, people wouldn’t even know that their content is being matched with someone else’s.

The working mechanism of these tools is pretty simple. They scan your content using algorithms to determine if it matches any other source.

Once you have detected the matched parts with the help of these plagiarism checker tools, you can simply remove or replace/rephrase them to make your assignment unique.


Plagiarism is a serious thing to consider while writing your assignments. That is because not only it will damage your reputation as a student but also make you face legal allegations. 

To avoid these things from happening, you have to make sure that your assignments are plagiarism-free. There are a few tips that you can use to do so. In the information given above, we have provided 5 of the most useful tips that you can use to remove plagiarism from your assignments.

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