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Minchinbury University Enrolment Day IELTS Reading General

Minchinbury University Enrolment Day IELTS Reading General Training

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Minchinbury University Enrolment Day

Minchinbury University Enrolment Day 2020: September 19 and 20

On September 19 and 20, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., new students are called on to complete the enrolment process at the University Main Hall on Barker Road.

Online pre-enrolment

Begin the process of enrolment before September 19 on the pre-enrolment page of this site. First, enter the four. digit code received in the email which offered you enrolment into a course at the University. Complete the acceptance with your details, and print off the Acceptance and Enrolment form that is created. Bring this with you on enrolment day.

Documents required on enrolment day

1. Acceptance and enrolment forms
|2. A Level or equivalent results notification

Two copies of any of the following forms of identification: passport, birth certificate, driving licence national identity card, a bank statement (which includes your address). If you are a foreign student, check the list of ID documents required here.

Payment of fees

On arrival at the Main Hall, join the queue to enrol. When you enrol with one of the University Enrolment consultants, you will be given a printout of your timetable and a document giving you access to your online student page. You are required to pay the fees for the first semester by cheque, credit card or cash. Your enrolment process will not be complete until the payment is cleared. The University will deliver the receipt of payment by email once the payment is cleared.

Student identity card

You will be photographed and provided with a plastic student identity card containing your student ID number, the faculty you are attending, and the year of issue. This card is to be used for all identification purposes for the entire length of your course (for example, for attendance at exams). It can also be used for student concessions for transport and entertainment. Any loss or damage of this card must be reported to the Student Office and a replacement card will be provided for a fee of £50.

Questions 1–7
Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?
In boxes 1 – 7 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE – if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE – if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN – if there is no information on this

1. University enrolment day is over a period of two days.
2. Students need a four-digit code to accept the offer of enrolment into a course.
3. Students should present one form of ID that contains a photo.
4. Foreign students must bring their passports.
5. The timetable will arrive by post.
6. Fees for the first year of study must be paid on the enrolment day.
7. The student identity card will be replaced annually.

Read the text below and answer Questions 8 – 14.

Lightfoot Tigers Football Club

Become a member of the Lightfoot Tigers Football Club.

Season tickets for this year are now available and prices remain the same as last year! You can have a confirmed seat every week in the crowd for as little as £200 a year, which gives you access to all 22 rounds matches, and averages less than £10 per ticket. If you introduce a friend to a season ticket purchase, there are even further reductions.

If you are a returning annual member, you have the option of retaining the same seat position that you held last year, or you can upgrade to a better vantage point at the Loyalty Membership rates. Grab the chance of getting into the first five rows! Last year’s members will be notified automatically. Fans who have been members for five years or more will receive free Lightfoot Tigers hats and scarves upon purchase of their new season ticket.

Young Fan season tickets are available for season. ticket purchasers under the age of 25. Download our Young Fan app, which gives special travel deals for away games, access to meeting the players, and even participation in training days. Starting your season ticket when you are young means you will build up the points to be a Premier member in record time.

Premier members are the highest tier of membership at the club. You reach this status if you purchase season tickets for 10 consecutive years. Premier members qualify for priority seats at final matches, exclusive free merchandise, voting rights in player selection, and even access to competitive mortgage rates through our partner Victoria Bank.

Payment for membership can be made through either of these two options:

1. Direct debit of either one annual payment (with a 5% discount)
2. Eight monthly installments over the course of the season

If you book your membership before May 30, you will not have to make the first payment until September. Victoria Bank offers special Lightfoot Tigers savings accounts with a competitive rate of interest where you can invest your savings and use them to make your membership payments. ielts-reading

Questions 8 – 14
Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the text for each answer.

Membership of Lightfoot Tigers Club

Prices for season tickets start at £200 for a 8 _______________ at all rounds matches. Returning annual members can 9  _______________  their seat position to see the matches better. Lightfoot Tigers hats and scarves are given 10 _______________  to members of more than four years. Members under the age of 25 can get discounts on 11_______________  to away games. To qualify for the 12 _______________  of Premier member, you need to buy a season ticket for at least a decade. Premier members can be involved in the 13 _______________ of players. If members register before June, they can delay payment until 14 _______________  

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10. FREE





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