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Reading Passage 1
Read the text below and answer Questions 1-10.

Do You Want To Teach ESOL? (English To Speakers Of Other Languages)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) can be a very satisfying profession. As a teacher you may help refugees overcome great hardships to make new lives in Australia. You may teach migrant children who are eager to learn and whose parents are strongly committed to education. You may assist adult migrants to participate more fully in Australian life through newly acquired English skills. You may teach young adult travelers attending short intensive English courses in Australia and enjoy stimulating cultural exchange with people from many countries. A recognized TESOL qualification can provide a ticket to work throughout the world.

ATESOL ACT receives many enquiries from people who are thinking of undertaking TESOL training and who want to know the best courses for intending ESL (ESOL) teachers to undertake. We hope that the following introduction to the field provides a starting point for your further research. It can be time-consuming to obtain the information you need but detailed, up-to-date information is only available from training, employing and accrediting authorities.

No single course will qualify you to teach in all the scenarios described below so you need to think about the types of work situations which most interest you before choosing a course. These are some matters which you need to consider:

Considerations before choosing a TESOL course

• Where do you want to teach? In Australia or overseas?
• Who do you want to teach? Young people (primary, secondary, tertiary)? Adults? Migrants? Refugees?
• How do you want to study? Full time? Part-time? By distance education?
• Do you want your TESOL course to be counted toward a higher degree e.g. Master of TESOL or Master of Education?
• How well regarded and recognized is the course and institution in Australia and/ or overseas?
• Does the training institution assist new teachers to find employment?

It is important to note that there is no accrediting body with the role of granting worldwide official recognition to any teaching certificate or diploma. The information is particularly relevant to readers from the ACT or those intending to work in the Australia.

Questions 1-10
Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text? In boxes 1-10 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE – if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE – if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN – if there is no information on this.

1. A TESOL trainer can help the settlement of immigrants easily.
2. After learning through TESOL adult immigrants can get job.
3. Tourist can be a part of an English course with TESOL teachers.
4. All the latest information can be available from the TESOL website.
5. Every course has its special function so it is important to choose the course carefully based on personal choices.
6. Patterns of education needs to be deliberately chosen in case of teaching with adults.
7. All the courses arc full time and choice of hours is stringently applied.
8. Courses may allow the placement of teachers in colleges only.
9. Most of the Australian language diplomas are internationally accepted.
10. TESOL Trainers can work outside Australia.

Read the text below and answer Questions 11-15.

About A Conversation Between Two People

About An Audio Lecture

From the first scene to the last, director and producer Stanley Kubrick, takes control of and masters all facets of the movie, especially the sound and audio effects. Director Stanley Kubrick uses audio effects to accentuate the plot. The audio effects are crucial in understanding the movie’s hidden meaning. He relies on the feelings and thoughts that he wants to be portrayed to come through the sounds that accompany the scenes and uses the audio to subtly convey information and emotions. Bill Blackmore’s critique of the use of sounds in “The Family of Man”, is mostly correct, with the exception of a few missed audio.’ musical pieces that seem to have been overlooked that however hold importance.

Blakemore, analyzes the audio used in “The Shining” and interprets it very well. He focuses on the idea that he formulates, which states that the audio is meant to be relayed to the audience who were in fact the very ones that massacred the Native Americans (Blakemore). “The moviegoers are largely unaware of this soundtrack…just seen a movie about themselves, about what people like them have done to the American Indians and to others”. Blakemore is partially correct in his analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, he leaves some audio splices out that hold a lot of significance in understanding the films meaning, such as the bouncing ball splice.

Bill Blakemore’s exposee “The Family of Man” serves as a partially correct analysis of the sound effects used in Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of Stephen King’s “The Shining”. Except for a couple of pieces of audio that was overlooked and holds more significance than they are actually given credit for. The music used throughout the film is meant to transcend time. The audio and musical effects in Stanley Kubrick’s’ rendition of “The Shining” are paramount in understanding the whole experience and the underlying meaning of the film.

Questions 11 – 15
Choose NOT MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer.

11. What is Stanley Kubrick considers essential to reveal a movie plot?
12. What can be effectively conveyed with the use of sound effects in movies and play?
13. Name the piece of art in which Mr. Blackmore has stated the influence of sounds.
14. Which particular splice is considered in Stanley Kubrick movie, creating a lot of influence?
15. What factor has been crossed because of the music of Stephen king movie?

Do You Want To Teach ESOL IELTS Reading Answers















15. TIME

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